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Your car paint is the first thing that most people notice, especially when the finish is scratched, chipped, or damaged. Collision Xperts is the leading auto body paint shop in San Antonio, Texas, using computerized car paint-matching technology to provide top-notch services. Our crew comprises the industry’s top talent. All our technicians are passionate about their work and aim to exceed every customer’s expectations. We’re the experts to work with if you need help restoring your car’s original factory finish, feel, and look.

We take auto paint seriously and, therefore, use the latest technology to provide unparalleled services. Our paint-matching software is the latest, ensuring that every car that enters our booth receives a paint that matches its original color and finishes. Our painters are certified after receiving rigorous training. Also, we use top-quality paints and refinishing products with global recognition. Ideally, we will paint your car using the latest technology and quality products.

The Most Trusted Auto Body Paint Shop in San Antonio

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We take pride in being the most trusted San Antonio auto body paint shop. To us, auto painting is an art and a passion. While some people think that painting a vehicle is a straightforward process, it’s a step-by-step, intricate procedure.

Our technicians have undergone the necessary, rigorous training to do an excellent job with every appointment. We ensure expertise, precision, and exactitude when painting our customers’ vehicles. From individual panels to extensive body paintwork, our technicians know the process of assessing and executing paint jobs with accuracy.

We start the paint job by selecting a flawlessly clean area. Ideally, we remove grease, dirt, and any material that may hinder our technicians from achieving an immaculate finish. After that, we prep your car for a primer. Once we’ve applied the primary and allowed it to cure, we sand down the surface, ready for preparing before paint application.

Our technicians will mix the basecoat, match your vehicle’s original color, and spray it with an exact match to achieve the factory finish. They will apply a clear coat once the basecoat is suitable for a topcoat. That way, they restore the gloss finish and the factory appearance of your car. We will lightly sand and polish your vehicle if it has blemishes after the paint job to ensure a perfect shine.

Let the Most Qualified Experts Paint Your Car

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Whether it’s a large gash or a tiny scrape, we have the latest paint-matching software, technology, and tools to give your vehicle a perfect shine. Maybe you’re tired of the old, faded exterior of your car. A scratch, rusty patch, or a ding could detract from your car’s overall look. We understand your desire to drive a fresh-looking, clean vehicle. That’s why we offer our auto painting service, and we’re good at it.

Our auto body painting service will leave your car with its best look. Every vehicle that leaves our shop has a showroom appearance. So, don’t let that faded, dented, or scratched paint ruin the overall look of your car. Visit us, and the best auto body paint shop in San Antonio will restore the showroom glory of your vehicle!