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Collision Xperts offers top-class collision repair in Leon Springs, Texas.When it comes to collision, choosing a facility you can trust is essential. That’s because your vehicle is among your vital investments. Therefore, consider the training and abilities of the technicians that handle your auto body repairs. Also, ensure they have the necessary experience to repair your vehicle safely and use the proper tools. 

We’re the leading collision and auto body shop experts in the region. Our highly skilled technicians will keenly evaluate the hidden and visible damages and develop a detailed repair plan. Also, we work with significant auto insurance companies to ensure they handle your claims efficiently. Additionally, we perform collision repairs to ensure your vehicle is back in its pre-collision condition.

Collision Repair in Leon Springs, Texas

After a car collision, whether a simple fender bender or a more severe accident, you need professionals with the necessary skills to repair and get it looking and functioning as good as new. Our dedicated technicians will help you with the necessary process to get your car back on the road quickly and painlessly. With vast hands-on experience in this field, our technicians will immediately put you at ease. 

A car accident can be stressful and overwhelming, mainly if significant injuries occur. Nevertheless, repairing your vehicle shouldn’t be a hassle for you. All you need is a reputable and professional auto collision repair facility. At Collision Xperts, we offer a seven-step collision process, which is as follows: 

  1. Vehicle drop-off: When dropping off your vehicle for repair, you will fill in a drop-off agreement form that authorizes us to begin work on your car.
  2. Vehicle check-in: We will verify your vehicle’s details, such as license plate number, mileage, car’s VIN, and a detailed video record to document the damage.
  3. Assessment of the damage: We will load all the cars’ information into our management software, whereby our techs will review the estimates from your insurance company and assess the damage.
  4. Body and collision repair: After reaching an agreed price and addressing all the matters of concern, we begin the work following the OEM procedures and the latest technologies.
  5. Paint refinishing: This step takes two days for moderate jobs and just a half day for small jobs.
  6. Reassembly: Our technicians will ensure that all components fit back together after repair. 

Quality control and clean-up:  Our techs review the car, test its functionality, and take it out for a toad test, if necessary. If it’s okay, we will call you to come to pick up your vehicle.

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  • Our certified mechanics at Collision Xperts have vast experience working on all vehicles and will ensure top-quality services. We guarantee that after experiencing our service, you will feel confident getting back on the road. Also, you will refer friends and relatives to us because we’ll exceed your expectations. 

    So, don’t hesitate to visit our shop or call us. We’re ready to restore your vehicle’s pre-collision status. Contact us today to book your collision repair in Leon Springs, Texas!