Common Collision Repair Mistakes to Avoid in San Antonio

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Car repair after a collision requires special skills, tools, and experience to restore its factory standard. The moment that follows a car accident can be a whirlwind, especially when somebody sustains an injury. The flurry of activity at the accident scene makes it challenging to do essential things right to protect your rights appropriately. Therefore, many people make mistakes that cost them more in repair after an accident. Here are common collision repair mistakes to avoid in San Antonio, Texas.

Failing to Call the Police and Obtain a Police Report

It is essential to call the police right away after an accident. The officer will take down all the details, interview witnesses, and make a report of the incident. You should also get this report because it can help you later if you file for insurance benefits or pursue legal action against another party. Not obtaining a police report might jeopardize your rights, so ensure you have one from every accident scene.

Relying Exclusively on Your Insurance Company's Recommendations

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Your insurance company may recommend certain shops for car repairs, but be cautious about relying too much on their advice. Most of them are looking out for their interests first, not yours. It is best to get multiple estimates from independent auto repair shops to compare costs and services.

Not Taking Pictures of the Damage

Pictures of the car damaged in an accident can help you have a record of what happened. Take photos from different angles to cover all the damage before beginning repairs. This way, you will know if the technicians addressed all the damage during repairs and if it meets your expectations. Not taking pictures might leave room for doubt later on, so make sure to do it as soon as possible after an accident.

Not Keeping All Receipts and Documentation Related to Repairs

After completing collision repairs, keep all paperwork related to the job — receipts, invoices, warranty certificates, etc. Some repair shops may even provide you with an itemized list of parts used and any other services included. Having these documents in hand can be helpful if there are later issues with the repairs or if you want to complain about the work done.

Not Working with Certified Technicians

Collision Xperts Office
Collision Xperts Office

It is crucial to choose repair shops that employ certified technicians. The technicians should be able to diagnose the nature of the damage, offer accurate estimates for repairs, and use quality parts and materials to restore your car to its original condition. It’s also advisable to read customer reviews before selecting a repair shop to understand their service standards.

Not Disclosing All Vehicle Damages

When you take your car to the shop, mention all the damages your vehicle sustained from the collision. Please do so to ensure comprehensive repairs while keeping costs low, as technicians won’t have to undo work already done if they identify new damage during repairs.

Not Requesting an Upfront Estimate

Before the repair work starts, ensure you get an estimate from the shop. And this ensures that you know all the costs associated with the repairs and that there won’t be any surprise bills when you pick up your car.

Not Choosing a Local Auto Collision Repair Shop

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Choose a local shop for auto collision repairs. That’s because they know the area roads, understand the specific regulations related to auto repair in San Antonio and have technicians with expertise in repairing cars from different manufacturers. Plus, you won’t need to spend extra on shipping if your vehicle needs parts from outside the state.

Lacking a Plan for Rental Car Coverage

If your car needs extensive repair for a few days or weeks, you’ll need to rent a car. Therefore, consider getting rental car coverage from your insurance company to have one during repairs without worrying about costs.

Using Multiple Collision Repair Shops

Taking your car to different repair shops for collision repairs is not advisable. Doing this may lead to inconsistent results and higher costs, as you’ll need to pay each shop separately. Instead, choose one shop and stick with them until they complete all the repair work.

Failing to Obtain a Written Report After Repairs

When the shop has done all the work, make sure to obtain a written report from the auto body repair shop about the work performed. And this will have information about the parts used and any other services included in the overall cost of repairs. It can also be helpful if there are future problems related to repairs or if you end up needing legal assistance post-accident.

People make these common mistakes when getting auto collision repair in San Antonio. By avoiding these mistakes, you can better protect yourself by getting top-notch repairs and safeguarding your rights following a collision. Always talk to professionals if you have questions or require assistance after an accident. With the proper guidance, you can ensure your car’s correct repair and restore it to its original factory condition.

Hire Experts to Avoid Common Collision Repair Mistakes in San Antonio

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At Collision Xperts, we have certified technicians with years of experience in collision repair. We take pride in our professional repair services, use quality parts and materials, provide written estimates beforehand, offer rental car coverage to customers when necessary, and work with your insurance company to make the process as easy as possible. Our technicians can also provide detailed reports after completing the repairs.

We have repaired countless vehicles after collisions and ensured our customers’ satisfaction. Our certified technicians will ensure you get quality services and the best rates for vehicle repairs. Additionally, we provide a warranty for our work to ensure your peace of mind. That means you can bring your vehicle to us for repair if any of the things we fix develops a problem shortly after repair. Contact us now if you need quality and affordable collision repair in San Antonio, Texas!