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A Guide on How to Choose the Right Collision Shop with Your Insurance Appraisal Estimate

You’re not alone if you don’t know how to choose the right collision shop with your insurance appraisal estimate. Many people have difficulties repairing their vehicles with their insurers’ estimates. Once your car gets into an accident, the insurance company will provide an appraisal estimate. The adjuster’s estimate is not the total claim amount but a benchmark. However, the insurer will only expect you to accept the estimate once you find out that it covers the repair cost. Therefore, don’t feel pressured.

How to Choose the Right Collision Shop with Your Insurance Appraisal Estimate

After filing a claim, the insurance company refers you to an adjuster that will verify the damage and determine the repair’s cost. Since the adjuster’s estimate is not the claim’s total payment, the insurer expects you to get an estimate from a mechanic, car dealer, or garage for comparison purposes.

In most cases, the insurance company can go for the lowest bid. Betterment can lower your insurance claim amount. For instance, if you have an old car that the mechanic repairs with new parts, the insurance can argue that the restoration has enhanced your vehicle’s value. Thus, they can reduce the claim amount.

But remember, the insurance company can’t require you to repair your vehicle at a specific shop. However, they may insist you get several estimates if they feel you received too high. Also, you can negotiate if you think the claim amount may not cover the repair adequately. Feel free to make the adjuster see the point if you believe the insurance company provided too low an estimate based on your mechanic’s views.

Practical Tips for Choosing the Right Collision Shop with Insurance Appraisal Estimate

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Once you’ve understood the claim process, the next step is to choose the right collision shop. It’s essential to select a reputable shop as some shops may offer quick repair services at lower costs that may not be safe or may affect your insurance claim. Therefore, know how to find an experienced and reliable contractor for repairing your car. The following tips should help you select the best collision shop with your insurance appraisal estimate.

Know the Collision Shops that Your Insurance Company Prefers

The best way to choose a collision shop is to get recommendations from your insurance company. Your insurer will provide you with the list of preferred body shops that have proven their technical expertise, excellent service, and quality work. However, there are other options. You can still select another shop but make sure they have reviewed it. 

Research Online for Collision Shops Near you

You can search online for local auto repair shops near you. The internet provides several valuable sources for finding a good collision shop, such as Google Reviews, Yelp reviews, BBB ratings, etc. Read through customer experiences posted on these sites to find out if anyone had any problems with these repair contractors in the past or if they had a good experience. 

Get Quotes from Various Collision Shops 

Reach out to various local collision shops and get quotes for your vehicle’s repair work. Some shops may offer discounts or provide free services, so compare the prices for each shop you contact and pick the most competitive one. If you’re unsatisfied with their quote, negotiate a fair price that both parties can accept. 

Review Your Insurance Appraisal Estimate with the Collision Shop 

Once you have selected a collision shop, review the insurance appraisal estimate with them before starting any repairs. And this will help ensure that all necessary repair costs are included in the total claim amount and will provide understanding in the future. 

Check If They Offer a Warranty 

Ensure that the collision shop offers a warranty for their work and repair services. Ask them to provide you with a copy of the written agreement so that you can go through it thoroughly and understand what they cover in case something goes wrong. 

Check Credentials and Certifications 

Verify that the collision shop has proper credentials and certifications. It should also have valid business insurance with a responsible insurer and proper licensing from the state’s department of motor vehicles. Most reputable shops have affiliations with industry organizations such as Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) or I-CAR, which train technicians in the latest methods in vehicle repair technology.

Consider the Shop’s Location and Overhead Costs

The shop’s location may affect its overhead costs, so consider this factor when selecting the collision shop. The closer the shop is to your home, the less you will have to pay in transportation fees and time spent driving back and forth. 

Ask the Right Questions

Before selecting the collision shop to repair your vehicle, visit them in person and ask several questions. Find out how long they have been in business, what kind of services they provide, and if they specialize in a specific type of car. Also, ask them to explain the repair process before you make your decision. 

Follow Your Intuition

Trust your intuition when it comes to selecting a collision shop. If you feel uncomfortable with the shop’s atmosphere or customer service, there is a good chance they are unsuitable for you. 

Check their Work

Check their work when you visit the collision shop before taking your vehicle there for repair. And this can help you decide whether the shop is reliable and trustworthy. Ask them to show you an example of their work, services they provide, customer satisfaction surveys, quality assurance policy, etc. 

Get a Written Estimate 

Finally, ensure that the collision shop provides you with a written estimate of repairs. And this will help you keep track of the repair costs and ensure that the shop is not overcharging for any services.

Final Word

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Choosing the right collision shop is vital in repairing your vehicle after an accident. Make sure you take your time and do proper research before selecting any repair contractor so you can get back on the road safely. Refrain from making quick decisions, as this could cost you more money or compromise safety. Therefore, take your time and follow these tips on how to choose the right collision shop with your insurance appraisal estimateto get your car back in top condition!