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The chances are that if you are looking for a reliable automotive paint and bodyshop in San Antonio, your vehicle could be having some issues, or it might have broken down. If that’s the case, get in touch with Collision Xperts. We understand that you might be dealing with more than just vehicle damage, so we will do our best to alleviate your stress regarding the damage and the repair needed for your vehicle. Moreover, we are experts in processing insurance claims and work with all major insurance companies.

Various types of damage could require an automotive body and paint shop to repair the damage. The first step is to take your vehicle in for an inspection, and the experts will tell you what to fix. On the other hand, totaling the vehicle only occurs if the cost to repair the damage exceeds the vehicle’s value. 

Most of the time, damage to a vehicle can be repaired, and totaling the vehicle is unnecessary. There are some common repairs that our skilled technicians perform. Furthermore, an auto body shop differs somewhat from an auto repair shop.

Automotive Paint and Body Shop

  • Most people in San Antonio rely on their vehicles to get them from one place to another, so leaving them at a body shop can be inconvenient. On the other hand, there are times that you should take your car to a body shop. Here are a few common signs that your vehicle needs to visit Collision Xperts today.

    • Your car’s paint appears dull, meaning it looks less shiny when you clean or blushes it. And this indicates that your vehicle needs a fresh coat to eradicate the problem. Also, it is essential to note that fading is not the same as dullness. Your car’s paint should not fade for it to be dull.
    • You have noticed a scratch on your car’s bumper.
    • If there are dents on your vehicle, bring that car to our body shop. Note that marks can expose your car’s metal, making it vulnerable to further damage. Therefore, in such cases, you need to get those dents fixed.
    • Your car was a hailstorm victim, and you have noticed minor dents on the trunk or roof. 

    Even a minor dent on the bumper could hide a significant issue that you should fix as quickly as possible to prevent its escalation. A scratch, for instance, can lead to rusting of your car’s metal panel. Therefore, don’t ignore even minor damage to your vehicle’s body. Contact Collision Xperts to schedule an appointment and we’ll be glad to help.

Reliable Automotive Paint and Body Shop

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Here at Collision Xperts, we understand how much inconvenience your vehicle can bring if damaged. That’s why we offer timely repair services to our esteemed customers. We have the most reliable automotive paint and bodyshop in San Antonio, Texas. 

Don’t hesitate to visit us if your car needs body or paint repair. Alternatively, contact us to book your appointment or request a free cost estimate now!